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Kozy Heat Gallery Blog

Here at the Kozy Heat Gallery, we want to ensure that your grilling station is outfitted with anything you could possibly dream of in order to make your next grill-out the highlight of the summer. Once you have all the tools, you're also going to need the latest recipes, tips, and tricks to really set the night on fire; this is where you'll find a collection of exactly what you may need. \

Maybe you also want to find out about the new big things happening with the gallery. We'll also include the must-hear news about the strides being made every day by the gallery.

The Perfect Patty

Wondering if your grill master skills may be a little rusty as you prepare to toss a couple juicy patties down on the cooking grate? Before you rush into things, take a quick minute to read through THESE TIPS in order to impress your friends and family with some next-level burgers.

A New Kind of BBQ: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Tired of your plain ol' BBQ recipes and ready to impress friends and family? Try out THIS EASY RECIPE to spice up your night with a unique twist on the coveted buffalo chicken pizza. With a preparation time of less than an hour, this one is bound to be a favorite for all ages!

Installation at Captain's Getaway in Arnolds Park

Have you seen our new Waterstone Fire Tables and Custom Rock Creations? I promise you, if you haven't, you should!

Today we put not one, but TWO patio fireplaces on the roof of Captain's Getaway! It was a hot day, and those patio fireplaces are hhheavvvyyy -- but now, all said and done, I can not WAIT to have a drink by these beautiful patio fireplaces! Cheers to summer!!!!

Kozy Heat is Hitting the Big Screen

Small town hitting the big screen!!! This is Jonathan Silver Scott (from Property Brothers) installing a Kozy Heat Fireplaces - the Bayport 41 gas fireplace- for their new show Buying & Selling Wednesday's on HGTV! We are SO excited to be a part of this! Stay tuned for (more) Scott Brothers coming soon! :D

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